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GPS Vehicle Location & Recovery

 GPS Tracking System & Optional Smart Phone Interface

Features & Benefits:

SVR is a Stolen Vehicle Tracking Device that will track your car if stolen and our service will help you with recovering your vehicle.

• If your vehicle is stolen, simply call our 1-800 number and we will begin to track the vehicle and share that information with the proper authorities. It is that simple!

• SVR Stolen Vehicle service and call center is available 24/7 to help recover your vehicle.

• Includes 5 years of service coverage.

• SVR is a wireless digital service that sends the information to our call center and the bad guys will never know.

• 3 Year Warranty


Optional "Location Service" Upgrade

• Your SVR service can be upgraded online to include the optional "LOCATION SERVICE" plan.

• This is not required but you may like this option to locate your vehicle at anytime; in a parking lot, at the airport, or if a guest driver is using the vehicle.

• SVR "LOCATION SERVICE" plan will allow you to track and monitor your vehicle daily from your Smartphone, 24/7.

• SVR "LOCATION SERVICE" plan require an annual subscription of $49.95 per year. No contract. No activation fee.


"Location Service" Alerts

• Geofence Alerts - Entry and/or Exit Notification from a geographical area.

• Voltage Alerts - The voltage alert will send a notification when the battery’s voltage falls below the set voltage value.

• Speed Alerts - The Speed alert will send a notification in the event the vehicle exceeds the set MPH value.

• Mileage Alerts - The Mileage alert will send a notification when vehicle has traveled the set Miles value.

• Movement Alerts - The Movement alert will send a notification when the vehicle starts moving after the set minute value.


SVR includes one year of "LOCATION SERVICE" for free for you to experience and test the service. Simply sign up online with a credit card and receive your free year of "LOCATION SERVICE" for FREE.

Activation and Renewal Fees

• No Activation Fee

• Annual Renewal Fee for optional "LOCATION SERVICE" $49.95

after the first year of free service.






Available Smartphone Apps

 DealerShip Tracking


Features & Benefits:

• Locate Vehicle by Internet, iPhone or iPad

• Monitor a new Driver in the Family

• Monitor a Elderly Driver in the Family

• 100 Locates Per month

• Receive Event Notifications via Text and/or Email

• Set Over Speed Notification

• Set Electronic Geofences with Entry and/or Exit Notification

• Low Battery Monitor with Notification

• Roadside Assistance

• Nationwide Coverage

• Free Smart Phone App

• 3 Year Warranty

Activation and Renewal Fees

• No Activation Fee

• Annual Renewal Fees for this System - $99.95