What's New


 Add-On Remote Vehicle Starter and Alarm

Remote Starts and Alarm Arms & Disarms with Existing Factory Remotes
• Remote Panic

• Adjustable Dual Stage Shock Sensor
• Audible Output
• L.E.D. with Intrusion History
• Flashing Parking Lights
• Starter Disable
• Protected Valet Override Switch

Installation Note:

• Vehicle must be equipped with Automatic Transmission & EFI

Installation Note:

• Not applicable if factory remote becomes inop after vehicle has been started.


 Rearview Mirror with Integrated GPS Navigation
Navigation Mirror NM102


The NM102 offers GPS Navigation and 11 Million Points Of Interest (POIs). The integration of the rearview mirror, touchscreen GPS Navigation and Bluetooth system keeps everthing at eye level and a option when the standard dash configuration will not accomadate an in-dash GPS Navigation system.

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