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 Back-Up & Parking Warning Sensor

EchoMaster Sensing Systems are precision designed to fit almost any automobile including cars, trucks, vans or SUV's. The EMPV Reverse Sensing System has a unique detection pattern  that has an extremely strong range of seven full feet behind the vehicle's bumper, while at the same time, giving superb peripheral coverage. Whether parallel parking, maneuver in tight areas, or just simply backing up with the Reverse Sensing System installed you can reverse with confidence.


Reverse Sensing System
Front Parking System
Available with 2 or 4 Sensors
Available with 2 Sensors


• 2 or 4 Sensor systems available (Rear 2 or 4 - Front 2)

• Sensor angle sleeves to accommodate all vehicles

• Paintable sensors - color coordinated to your vehicle (additional option)

• Audible warning speaker: Selectable Hi - Low - Off

• Product Performance Guarantee (ask for details)

System Models

Rear Sensor Systems

EMPV2   2 Sensor System (Sedans)

EMPV4   4 Sensor System (SUV's)

Front Sensor System

EMFN   2 Sensor System



Color Match Option Available

(not available in pearl colors)